Saturday, January 5, 2019

Ethnic Thoughts, Ethnic Stories

Ethnic thoughts

Stories! S...t...o...r...i...e...s...  to connect our thoughts,  to connect our ideas,  to connect each and every moment, to connect people around the WORLD!!!

Stories with English Proverbs
     A Stitch in time saves nine
     Where there is WILL; there is a WAY!!!
     Don't judge a book by its cover

Stories with Positive attitude
     A cup is half full rather than half empty
     Perception Differs
       An ailment may be more deep rooted than it appear.
     An Opportunity or a Stroke of Bad Luck?

Malgudi days by R. K. Narayan
      Author's Introduction
      An Astrologer's Day
         The Missing Mail
      The Doctor's Word
      The Gateman's Gift
        The Blind Dog

Stories with Aathichoodi (Poetry in Tamil Language)
          Have desire to do good.
       Anger Abates.
       Never give up.

Aesop Fables


  1. This website sounds very useful. Very good initiative. Can I also post some moral stories to

  2. Very good initiative! This will help my generation tremendously ; firstly to remember their childhood days. Secondly , remind us to pass on the lessons we all learned from these stories our grandparents. I love the stories posted here. Good collection!