A Stitch in time saves nine

This story is so special to my heart because my mom told this story to us. The Story in tamil goes like:

குருவி ஒன்று மரத்திலே, கூடு ஒன்று கட்டியே, அருமை குஞ்சு மூன்றையும் அதில் வளர்த்து வந்தது.....

Once upon a time there lived a sparrow. A mother sparrow with her three beautiful chicks who were just born. Every day the mother sparrow would fly away to get food for her babies. Soon the chicks grew strong. 

The mother sparrow said to her children "Children you have strong wings and strong body, it is time for you to fly away and get your own food. Come with me i will teach you to fly" Two chicks went along with the mother. One chick shrugged her shoulders and covered her body with wings and started sleeping in the nest. She was so lazy to join her mother.

And then there came a danger. That day a boy climbed up the tree and took the baby chick who was sleeping. He started playing with the chick, which was the end of her life.

I know this story has a tragic end. However it gives us a moral of how laziness and procrastination kills so many good deeds that could have been done or good skills that could have been learnt.

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  1. This story brings back childhood memories. And sends out a powerful message!! Good one.!!!