A Walnut or a Pumpkin

Hakim Lukman folklore

Lukman was resting under a walnut tree in a relaxed mood, enjoying the cool breeze. Suddenly, a raw walnut fruit dropped on his head. Yelping with pain, Lukman cried out to the Almighty, "God, what had I done to deserve this pain?"

But when he looked up while addressing the Almighty, he observed that a pumpkin vine had entwined itself around the walnut tree, all the way to its top. The vine was in fruit. There were a number of large-sized, ripe pumpkins dangling near the top of the tree. Lukman pondered about what would have happened to him had a pumpkin dropped on his head, instead of a walnut. He shuddered at the very thought of the possible grave consequences of such an event.

He immediately congratulated himself for his good luck. Falling on his knees, Lukman promptly apologized to God for his earlier comments and offered his thanks for being so kind and merciful.

Point of Learning: There is always a positive aspect, even to a bad incident happening to us.

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