Aesop Fables

It is believed that Aesop was once upon a time a slave who entertained people with his Fables. Fables are short stories that teach a moral, or lesson, to children. The stories are often funny, and the themes are easy for children to understand. The characters of fables are usually animals who act and talk like people but still have animal traits. The fables tell a story and end with a moral or lesson.

Ethnic Thoughts
Picture drew by Aaryan Rajesh

Some of the Aesop fables are:

The Frogs & the Ox
Belling the Cat
The Town Mouse & the Country Mouse
The Fox & the Grapes
The Wolf & the Crane
The Lion & the Mouse
The Gnat & the Bull
The Plane Tree
The Owl & the Grasshopper

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  1. Beautiful stories. Bringing back childhood memories listening from parents,grand parents, aunts etc. Truly inspiring thought you have Kavitha. All the best.