An Opportunity or a Stroke of Bad Luck?

A newspaper hired a trainee journalist. After a few days, the chief editor summoned the new recruit and assigned him the task of covering the Naval Day Celebrations on a Navy ship docking in the nearyby port. After a few hours, the new recruit came back. He informed the chief editor that there was no newsworthy event to report.

"What happened?" the chief editor asked.

"There was a problem, sir. An explosion took place in the boiler room of the ship causing a hole in its bottom. As everybody was busy in plugging the breach, the Naval Day Celebrations were cancelled."

"Oh! You stupid fellow, you have failed to see the big opportunity in what you call a problem. This could have become your first big news report and also our front page news for tomorrow's edition," the furious chief editor screamed.

Point of Learning: Each problem contains a seed of opportunity within it.

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