Do not stop charitable deeds

வது விலக்கேல்(Eevadhu Velagael)

A character in Mahabharatham. Excellent Archer. Bad Friendship. The Great Giver. Who comes to your mind? Yes Karnan.

He never said no to anyone who asked for help. Karnan had a natural armor and ear rings in his body. He was born with it. He cannot be defeated by any warrior if he has these natural armors. So Indra, God of Heaven disguised himself as a poor bhramana and asked for alms. Karnan knowing that he is Indra asked what he wanted. Indra disguised as poor bhramana asked for the natural armor and ear rings. Karnan gave his armour and ear rings as he never said 'no' to anyone.

On the great battle of Kurukshetra, a wheel of Karna's chariot stuck in a big hole and he steps down to push the wheel out from the big hole.

At that time, Arjuna, under the direction of Krishna, shootsmany arrows at Karnan that severely wound him.

Krishna tells Arjuna that the Dharma (noble charity) that Karnan performed during his lifetime was protecting his life.

Krishna disguises as a Brahmin, goes to Karnan and asks him his virtues as donation. Out of generosity, Karnan donates all his virtues to the "Brahmin".

Karnan never stopped doing Charitable deeds even if it might cause death.

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  1. When it comes to charity...only Karnan comes to well explained :)