Here and now

(Mullah Nasruddin folklore)

Nasruddin was relaxing under a tree in the courtyard of his house when his childhood friend Akram visited him. Akram was settled in Canada as a businessman. He had visited his native place after several years. After a nice chit-chat, Akram invited Nasruddin to come and settle in Canada. He assured Nasruddin of providing all sort of help in settling down.

"But, what will I do in Canada?" Nasruddin asked.

"I will give you a loan for setting up a retail store there. You will make a good deal of money in business. Within two-three years, you can repay my loan," said Akram.

"And after that?"

"Then you will make more money and start another store," replied Akram.

"And then?"

"Then you will continue making more and more money, and opening many more stores. Eventually, you shall own a chain of retail stores and become a rich man."

"And, what happens after that?"

"Then you will make yet more money. When you have more than enough, you can sit back, relax, and live a happy and contended life."

"And what do you think I am doing right now? Why do you want me to put myself through so much trouble by going to Canada when I am already living a relaxed, happy and contented life, right here and now?" asked Nasruddin.

Point of Learning: "Confining yourself to the present is the surest way to contentment." -- Marcus Aurelius.

Excerpt from the book "MBA through stories" by Ravi Gupta.

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