Cup is half full rather than half empty

A Kashmiri folktale

A king ordered a big celebration on the occasion of his birthday. He announced that whosoever brings him a birthday him a birthday gift will be granted a liberal return gift. A poor farmer heard this announcement. Expecting to get a handsome reward, he packed a sack of large-sized potatoes grown in his field as a birthday gift. However, he thought it prudent to consult his neighbour. The neighbour advised him, "Potatoes are not the befitting gift for a king. Offer him a basket of grapes instead."

Eventually, the farmer presented his basked of grapes to the king. The king tasted a grape and found it unripe and bitter. Annoyed, he ordered his bodyguards to throw all the grapes on the farmer's head, one by one. As the grapes started landing upon the farmer's head, he started laughing. Whenever a grape hit him, he would exclaim loudly, "God bless my neighbour!"

Noticing this, the king asked the farmer to explain his strange behaviour. The farmer replied, "I am blessing my neighbour for his wisdom. It was he who advised me to present a basket of grapes instead of a sack of large-sized potatoes. I am laughing at the thought of what would have been my plight if you had ordered those large potatoes to be thrown on my head instead of these small and tender grapes.

The king was amused by the farmer's reply and sent him back with a generous gift.

Point of Learning: The really wise perceive something good even in an adverse situation.

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