Don't judge a book by its cover

One fine evening, a fourteen year boy and his parents were travelling in a train. He was sitting next to the window and his father was sitting next to him. His mother who was filled with happiness was sitting opposite to the boy.

The train started chugging away slowly. The train went past a village. So there were small houses and lots of trees on the way. The boy got very excited on seeing the trees. He shouted, "Dad see the trees! it looks so beautiful" The Father was overjoyed. Father smiled and in a relaxed tone he said, "Yes son!". Next when the boy saw small houses, he got super excited. He screamed, "Look I see houses".

The other passengers on the train were bewildered. One of the passenger asked the Dad, "Sir, is everything fine with your son? He being a teenager is getting excited for trees and houses. You might have to take him to a doctor"

The Father replied, "Yes sir, we are coming back from the doctor's office. An Eye specialist. My son had his eyes transplanted. He is seeing the trees, the house and the birds for the first time. So he is really excited."

The boy's eyes gleamed.

Moral: Don't judge a book by its cover.

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