Hakim Lukman folklore

 Lukman's Patient

Once, a patient visited Lukman in his clinic, with a complaint of sever stomach ache. Lukman asked the patient to proffer his hand to examine his pulse. Being an expert in his profession, Lukman could know everything about a patient just by examining the pulse. After Lukman examined the patient's pulse, he asked, "Did you have lentils and rotis for dinner last night?"

"Yes sir," The patient replied.

"Were the rotis a little burnt?"

"Yes sir," was the reply.

Lukman instructed his assistant to put some eye-drops in the patient's eyes. The patient objected, "But sir, it is my stomach that is aching, not my eyes."

"No, you have a problem with your eyes, not with your stomach," said Lukman. "You saw the rotis while eating, yet you did not see that they were burnt. Had you seen  properly and understood what you saw, you would not have eaten the burnt food and suffered with stomach ache. So the problem is only with your eyes. Therefore, your eyes need treatment."

Point of Learning: "An ailment may be more deep rooted than it appear."--Plutarch

Excerpt from the book "MBA through stories" by Ravi Gupta

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