Perception differs (A popular Urdu tale)

Jamaal and the Lion

Jamaal went on a hunting spree with his friend Kamaal. In the excitement of the game, they ventured out deep inside the dense forest. Suddently, they saw a big lion coming towards them. As sooon as the lion saw them, it roared loudly and started pacing to pounce on them.

However, with great presence of mind, Jamal picked up a handful of dirt from the ground and threw it into the eyes of the lion. The beast lost its sight temporarily and started moving around in a small circle in great pain.

When Jamaal saw that the lion was disoriented and temporarily disabled by his trick, he started running away. But Kamal stood where he was. Seeing this, Jamaal called out to him, "Run Kamaal, run away from the lion."

"Why should I run away from the lion?" asked Kamaal, " it was you who put dirt in the eyes of the lion, not me."

Moral: He who fails to see the obvious shall perish.

Excerpt from the book, "MBA throught Stories" by Ravi Gupta.

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