Help others as much as you can

இயல்வது கரவேல் (Iyalvadhu Karavel)

Velpaari – “Mullaikku Thaer koduthan Paari” – A leader who gave his chariot for a Jasmine plant

“Long Live Velpaari! Long Live Paari Vallal” Who is this Person? Leader? Philanthropist? I would say he is a legend. A legend for generosity. A Legend who came to my mind, when I thought of “Iyalvadhu Karavel – means ‘Help as much as you can’”

Just like an Ocean spreads far and beyond, such is the generosity of Paari. He not only gave material things to the people who need, he gave love, affection and care. He gave shelter for refugees. Here comes the story of “Paari, who gave his chariot to a Jasmine plant”

Paari is a leader of a group called Velir. They lived in mountains which was covered by dense forest. One day Paari was traveling in his chariot through the dense forest. After traveling for a while, Paari felt thirsty. He stopped his chariot near a pond. He got down from the chariot and went near the pond to drink water. He coupled his hand and kneeled on the banks of the pond. He dipped his hands in the pond. Clear water sprang into Paari’s hands. Paari drank the water. His thirst was quenched. He returned to his chariot.

To his surprise, Paari saw a slender Jasmine plant’s vine climb up the chariot. Paari’s heart was touched.  Just like the water in the pond quenched my thirst, I should give support for this Jasmine plant thought Paari. Such is the kind thoughts of Paari towards nature. He left his chariot for the Jasmine plant to climb and creep. He walked his way back home.

“Iyalvadhu Karavel” – “Help as much as you can”.

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  1. Such a small deeds of kindness which we generally don't bother matters in the long run.Very well explained