Theme: No Pain No Gain


In the light of the moon, a little boy saw a small leaf. On the small leaf lay a Teeny Weeny egg.

He was so curious. So he watched the egg all day and all night. The egg grew bigger and bigger. One sunny morning the egg cracked open and out came a small caterpillar, a Very Hungry Caterpillar.


The Caterpillar ate all the leaves that he could see and built a house around himself called Cocoon.


Days passed….

The boy was eagerly waiting to see the butterfly come out of the cocoon. The boy saw the cocoon tear and he could see the butterfly struggling to come out. Squeezed inside the cocoon the butterfly fluttered her wings and wriggled her body. The boy thought to himself I think I should help the butterfly come out of the cocoon.
Let me tear the cocoon and help the butterfly. Do you think it is the good idea to tear the cocoon? No. when he was reaching his hands to tear the cocoon. A significant adult came near the boy and said, “We don’t disturb nature my boy and let the nature do its job” so the boy and the significant adult watched the butterfly struggling to come out of the cocoon. At last the Butterfly came out of the cocoon with bright colors and flew up high in the air.

Warm up:

1.    Just Breathe

2.    Lotus Breathe

3.    Do  your chores

4.    Washing Machine

5.    Easy pose



Teeny Weeny Egg – Dark seed light with hands on the side

Very Hungry Caterpillar – Snake Pose

Cocoon – Downward Dog



Visualization: Lie on your back. Hands to your sides. Palm facing upwards. Legs relaxed, body relaxed, hands relaxed and face relaxed. Imagine you are the butterfly flying in the sky. You can give your butterfly the color you want. Your butterfly fluttering through the air. Slow and Strong.


Moral of the Story:  No Pain No Gain.


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  1. Jus beautiful..loved the visualization part..will be showing my kids too��