Theme: Superhero

Who are superheroes? Superheroes are strong, kind, happy and the list goes on. In my opinion, superheroes are those who try new things even though they know they will fail in the beginning.


Tune in:

Just Breathe

Lotus Breathe


Warm up:

Superheroes are strong. Stand up nice and tall. Strong feet. Hands to you hips. Breathe in shoot your hands up. Bring your hands down - Wake up Mountain



Superman Pose: Superheroes feel happy. Breath of Joy

Hulk Pose- Superheroes are heavy and can smash anything that comes in their way with a growl. Go to your room.

Spiderman Pose: Warrior I pose with Spiderman Mudra

Hawkeye Pose: Superheroes protect themselves with equipment like bow and arrow.  Bring it on

Superheroes reach out and try new things. Lie on your tummy. Stretch your hands forward. Lift your legs and your hands. Fly like a superhero – airplane pose


Cool down:

       Let us find the superhero around us.

       Calm Down: Lie on your back and tap your hands and legs. You are desperate to find a superhero



       Rest your hands down and legs down on the floor. Keep your hands to your chest. Relax. I am a Superhero. I am strong. I feel happy. I try new things


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