Where there is a WILL; there is a WAY!

A Thirsty Crow

Ethnic Thoughts

One sunny morning, there was a thirsty crow who was searching for water. Water to quench his thirst. Water to keep him alive. He searched for water in all the possible directions that he can. But in vain. After a while the crow saw a pitcher. A very tall pitcher. He dug his head into the pitcher and found that there was little water at the bottom. He couldn't drink that water.

What do you think the crow did? Did he give up and run away. No! 

He looked around. He found small pebbles. "Ding!" He had an idea.

He took the pebbles one by one with his beak and put them in the pitcher. One by One. Slowly and gradually the water rose up.

Now the crow was able to drink the water. He quenched his thirst and flew away. "Ka Ka Ka" he cawed with happiness.

Moral: If you cannot do something in one way, try another way.

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